Short-lived feature branches

Occurs not only in the context of CI, but also TBD. TBD imposes additional restrictions.

Give me a synchronous change of themes

How to customize theme switching in Vim and Alacritty along with Night Shift in macOS.

Summary of "Continuous Integration as a practice, not just Jenkins" (Russian)

Anton published an outline of my report about CI from the DevOps Novosibirsk mitap.

State of DevOps in Russia

All the research is Western, and we don't know what is going on in Russia. Express42 has launched its own version of State of DevOps.

The Midnight Gospel

A cartoon from Netflix about the inevitability of death and ways of accepting it in different cultures.

Burnout in State of DevOps 2019

Recommendations on self-reduction of burnout after work and in which companies the problem of burnout is more acute.

Upskilling Enterprise DevOps Skills Report 2019

What skills a transformational leader needs. How companies typically want a DevOps engineer >.<

o11ycast с Jez Humble

I read a new book from Basecamp where they tell their vision of the working atmosphere in a company.

How Netflix Thinks of DevOps

Discussed how to get started using documentation, where to store it, keep it current, and integrate it with the incident resolution process.

Transformational Leadership

Whitepaper from DevOps Enterprise Forum 2018 for those who want to be leaders.