State of DevOps in Russia

In the community, there has long been a discussion about the problem that all statistics are about the Western part of the industry, mostly about America, and we ourselves do not know how things are

The Midnight Gospel

At the beginning of this week, The Midnight Gospel was released on Netflix. It's an animated series about accepting the inevitability of death. In each episode, the protagonist discusses aspects of

o11ycast с Jez Humble

Since I've started recommending podcast episodes, I'll recommend another one) In o11ycast, there is a wonderful episode with Jez Humble! He is one of the founders of DORA, co-author of the books Dev

How Netflix Thinks of DevOps

Dave Hahn talked in a presentation about how Netflix thinks about DevOps. Spoiler: Nothing :) The presentation emphasized that the most important thing in the company is the culture, which Netflix p

Project to Product How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework

I highly recommend this book to all managers, leaders, and owners of IT companies. It explains: 1. The difference between projects and products, and why it's important to focus on products. 2. Why t

It Doesnt Have to Be Crazy at Work

I finished reading the latest book from Basecamp over the weekend. It's about how one of the company's main values should be the peace of mind of its employees. How to make it so that people can calm

Ops should know dev, Dev should know ops

Overall, there has been a small skills revolution in IT over the last few years. Now, every ops job requires a couple of programming languages that the candidate must know. And that's great because w