The Midnight Gospel


At the beginning of this week, The Midnight Gospel was released on Netflix. It’s an animated series about accepting the inevitability of death.

In each episode, the protagonist discusses aspects of life and death with beings from different universes: reincarnation, the eternal cycle of rebirth and death, ways to start living in the present moment and stop running from the emptiness that will inevitably catch up with all of us. It’s not comfortable to watch while eating because everything is built on dialogues and if you get distracted, you’ll have to rewind to not lose the thread of the conversation. Because of the raised topic, it can be quite uncomfortable to watch these musings at times 😞

This topic has always been relevant for me. I’m supposedly an adult now, but I still haven’t come to terms with it. If some thought about death flashes before bedtime, that’s it, I’ll spend most of the night in horror and probably won’t fall asleep. I can’t say that by watching the season, I reached enlightenment and reconciled myself with the inevitable meeting with emptiness, but I definitely started to take it a little more calmly.

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