Draft of the Trunk Based Development intensive program

I am collecting feedback on the draft of the intensive program on Trunk Based Development

Cloud Maturity Model 2022

I was browsing through my knowledge base and found myself on the SberCloud website, reading about the 2022 Cloud Maturity Report of the Russian market. And it turned out to be a very informative and

DevOpsConf and TechLeadConf 2022

On Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Moscow, at the DevOps Conf + TechLead Conf. This year they're together in one venue in Skolkovo. DevOps Conf is about internal platforms and infrastructure this year

PulumiUP discussion

The discussion of PulumiUP, which I tried to organize at the beginning of the week, encountered all the problems that I was afraid of 😅 The stream couldn't be paused, so we couldn't stop it to di

pulumi provider for yandex cloud is now official

The Pulumi provider for Yandex.Cloud, which I started working on in mid-March, has been transferred to PulumiCorp! Just now was the first official release. Support for all languages has been added,

I think that my future sources of knowledge will mainly be paid chats

One of the problems I occasionally think about is how to grow when you are already good at what you do. When you don't know anything, everything is simple. You go to school to get the absolute minimu

Pulumi completes first evolutionary leap towards native providers

For Pulumi as a company, to go the route of building on top of terraform providers, rather than writing their own, was simply a brilliant idea. It allowed them to focus on developing unique features

Pulumi provider for yandex cloud

This weekend I made a pulumi provider for Yandex.Cloud. The repository is here: [github pulumi-yandex](https://github.com/aladmit/pulumi-yandex) It's not yet available as public packages for all la

Short-lived feature branches

Usually I mention short-lived feature branches in the context of Continuous Integration because without such a practice, no CI will work for you in principle, but they are encountered not only there.

Summary of "Continuous Integration as a practice, not just Jenkins" (Russian)

[@patsevanton](https://t.me/@patsevanton) wrote a summary (almost verbatim!) of my talk on "Continuous Integration as a practice, not just Jenkins". So if you prefer reading to watching, welcome 🙂