Draft of the Trunk Based Development intensive program

I am collecting feedback on the draft of the intensive program on Trunk Based Development

Cloud Maturity Model 2022

SberCloud has started to conduct its own market research on cloud services.

DevOpsConf and TechLeadConf 2022

I'll be at the conference on Monday and Tuesday, happy to chat over coffee breaks.

Documentation on DevOps Moscow openspace

Discussed how to get started using documentation, where to store it, keep it current, and integrate it with the incident resolution process.

PulumiUP discussion

First time I organized a public discussion, collected just all the existing rakes.

pulumi provider for yandex cloud is now official

PulumiCorp will officially support ISP, all languages are now available, not just TS.

I think that my future sources of knowledge will mainly be paid chats

Paid communities appear to be more resilient to growing membership and maintaining an applied agenda.

Pulumi completes first evolutionary leap towards native providers

Now providers are not made manually, but are generated based on the cloud speck API.

Pulumi provider for yandex cloud

A wrapper on top of terraform, with only TS support for now, but already usable.

Vi-mode in Obsidian

Setting Vi-mode in Obsidian to work with Russian language and relative numbers.