PulumiUP discussion


The discussion of PulumiUP, which I tried to organize at the beginning of the week, encountered all the problems that I was afraid of 😅

The stream couldn’t be paused, so we couldn’t stop it to discuss something, and for the first two hours we just silently watched the meetup :(

Apple drew attention to itself with its presentation, and many of those who wanted to chat dropped out because of it.

Overall, I was hoping that 99% of the excitement would be communication, and PulumiUP itself would be more of an icebreaker, but it didn’t work out this time. I understand my mistake and will do it differently next time.

There were only 4 important news at the meetup: Automation API is now GA, Azure Native is now GA, GCP Native has appeared in preview, and AWS Native will be ready by the end of the year.

Nevertheless, after two completely dull hours, we spent almost two more hours discussing various things:

  • Custom abstractions make life easier but increase the entry barrier. Is it worth it?
  • Packages with abstractions from Pulumi: awsx, kubernetesx. Should we use them and what are the problems?
  • What risks do you take on when you choose Pulumi?
  • In which cases will Automation API perform better than the classic approach?

Automation API is an interesting topic. This is another attempt to move from Infrastructure as Code to Infrastructure as Software, but I will write about it another time.

Recording of the discussion (only the discussion, I cut out two hours of dullness))

PulumiUP itself was absolute advertising bullshit, there was nothing to watch there. Instead, it’s better to read about Automation API, it will be much more interesting: Automation API

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