DevOpsConf and TechLeadConf 2022


On Monday and Tuesday I’ll be in Moscow, at the DevOps Conf + TechLead Conf. This year they’re together in one venue in Skolkovo.

DevOps Conf is about internal platforms and infrastructure this year.

TechLead Conf is about engineering practices and architecture.

I like to chat over coffee between talks, so if you want to chat, come on over)) Finding me is very easy, I usually hang out somewhere near food 😅 However, I now have a beard, so it’s a little harder to recognize me than usual.

If you’re just planning to buy a ticket, you can do it with a 10% discount using the promo code DTCcommittee.

By the way, I just reviewed the talk by my colleague from, Igor Kurochkin, and it’s straight 🔥. What affects the effectiveness of the platform, how to calculate how many teams and people should be in the platform, how to calculate whether it makes sense for you to expand it, and so on. In general, the content is always top-notch)

Igor’s talk: From DevOps to Platform Engineering

I consult about what I write about, you can contact me via telegram @aladmit or via email [email protected]

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