Draft of the Trunk Based Development intensive program


Now Iā€™m working on an intensive course on [[Trunk Based Development]], and I need help with creating the program. I have talked about Trunk many times, but it has always been in response to a specific request. This time we are talking about a large public intensive course. Please read the program and let me know what you think privately, by email at [email protected], or in the comments on Telegram channel.

What is missing? What seems unnecessary? What questions do you have about Trunk that you would like to get an answer to?

The purpose of the intensive is to give the participants a complete picture of the work on TBD and answer the questions: How is this fundamentally different from other models?

  • how the team will benefit from TBD
  • what practices help to work on TBD
  • what will hinder the transition to TBD

For whom I usually talk about TBD: developers, testers, team leads, tech leads, development managers, CTOs. I think that a similar audience will come to the intensive.

Draft program

  • Git flow
  • GitHub
  • GitLab Flow
  • Trunk Based Development

Issues of team work with code

  • Change conflicts
  • Breaking changes
  • Dependencies within the team
  • Long feedback
  • Code fading
  • Duplicate changes
  • Avoiding reviews
  • stress

Perspectives on teamwork

  • in Agile community
    • Scrum
    • LeSS
    • SAFe
    • Extreme Programming
  • in the DevOps community
    • State of DevOps Reports
  • relationship between the development process and the branching model

Compare models in terms of impact on teamwork

  • Git flow
  • GitHub Flow
  • GitLab Flow
  • Trunk Based Development

What models do companies work on

  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Facebook -Microsoft
  • Yandex
  • Raiffeisen

Blocking practices

  • External release time control
  • Release windows
  • Release testing
  • Code Review
  • Manual database migrations
  • Manual testing

Supporting Practices

  • Continuous Code Review
  • Pair Programming
  • Feature Toggles
  • Branch by Abstraction
  • Test in Production
  • Test Driven Development
  • Acceptance test-driven development
  • Behavior-driven development Continuous Delivery

I consult about what I write about, you can contact me via telegram @aladmit or via email [email protected]

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