Cloud Maturity Model 2022


I was browsing through my knowledge base and found myself on the SberCloud website, reading about the 2022 Cloud Maturity Report of the Russian market. And it turned out to be a very informative and interesting report! It’s amazing that I haven’t come across it anywhere else and haven’t seen any news about it 😳

The report is not about technologies, but about the cloud services market and money:

  1. How cloud saves money
  2. Categories of expenses in the cloud and in-house infrastructure
  3. Drivers and barriers for cloud migration
  4. What is the key factor for companies to decide on cloud migration
  5. How long does the migration process take on average

If I need to make a decision between “in-house infrastructure vs cloud”, I will definitely go back and reread this report to determine what is better in this situation and to substantiate my decision with numbers and models.

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